18, 19, 20 & 21

November 2021

About Marbella 4Days Cycling

What, where, when? The why is easy: it’s tough, but a fun challenge.

start & finish location

We will set up a Cycling village at the start & finish location. 

This is the place where you will start & finish on most days. After you finished, you can share your experiences with other cyclists, family and friends while enjoying a bite to eat and a refreshing drink.

Furthermore, it is the place where you can count on several services to recover and to find our bike maintenance team.

How to get there

As soon as we choose the 4 routes, we will announce the exact start & finish location*. 

There will be for sure enough space to park your car and special area´s to park your bike. 

We will make sure that your journey to our Cycling Village will be as smooth as possible.

*At that time our Accommodation Deals will be available too.


The start of all routes will take place every morning around 9.30hrs (official times to be confirmed). We aim for a mass start to get everybody as quick and safe out on the roads into the outskirts and mountains.

There will be checkpoints & food stations along the route. You probably will finish early in the afternoon, depending on your level and choice of route.

What kind of bikes are allowed?

Most cyclists will prefer to bring their own bike. You can use whatever kind of bike is suitable for the choice of your routes. Even e-bikes are allowed!

Do keep in mind that the routes will go into the mountains, and you will have to climb. Make sure all features of your bike are working correctly.

If you don’t want the hassle of transporting your own bike, you can rent one here. We’ve partnered up with one of the best companies that offer an outstanding service.

Click here to rent your bike. 

Medical Services

Our medical team is experienced in dealing with participants at events; they can assess, monitor and treat on-site, when appropriate. If an emergency dictates that a patient must be transported, we have ambulances at the start and finish point and along the route.

In our Cycling Village we will offer physio, massage and more aftercare.

Food & Beverage

Along the route, we’ve set up checkpoints where you also get something to drink and eat.

Since the event is not a competition, you are free to stop at any of the villages. 

In the local bars & restaurants, you can have a coffee, breakfast or lunch. Enjoy the journey!

Green "No Litter" Event

Enjoying nature is only possible if we take care of that same nature. Our goal is to make Marbella 4Days Cycling  an event with the lowest negative environmental impact possible.

We will avoid the use of plastic bottles, cups, plates, and bags wherever possible. The Cycling Village has a special recycling area. Participants will be excluded from further participation if we see them litter.

The routes

Marbella 4Days Cycling event is a unique cycling experience. It is a challenging opportunity to ride epic routes and heroic climbs for the passionate cyclist. 

Maybe you are experiencing a 4-day event for the first time, or challenging yourself on this different course or exploring a new destination. 

Immerse yourself in one of the best cycling locations and take on a challenge

Point-to-point cycling routes, 4 days, and routes from 50-120 km and 1000-2000M plus.

Cyclist Pack

Rider’s Pack

  • Special Deal Prices for Custom made Jersey (BioRacer Speedwear). FREE for the first 100 with a 4-Days ticket.
  • Virtual Goody Bag with vouchers
  • Personalised Bike Plate
  • A Rear LED light to maximise safety
  • Welcome Drink
  • Food & Drinks at checkpoints
  • Happy Hour vouchers
  • Meal Deals vouchers
  • Spanish Tapa at the finish
  • M4DC-Medal (for those finishing all 4 Days)

More benefits on the way!

VIP Pass Benefits (max of 100)
Click for more info. 

Road Services

Mechanical Assistance
In the Cycling Village, as well as along the route, a team of bike mechanics are on-site.

Safety & Medical Assistance
A professional team of medics is available before, during and after the sportive.

A bite to eat
Support & feed stations with sufficient drinks and food are waiting for you.

Local bars and restaurants at the multiple villages you pass every day will offer daily menus.

Media Support
Our media crew is on the ground to broadcast and create highlights footage.  Drones will capture the best moments and make the Marbella 4Day Cycling one of your best experiences.

Post Race

Cycling Village Services

With our selected sponsors and partners, our Cycling Village is full of excitement throughout the entire even. Some examples:

  • Services (Bike Wash, Bike Repair Team)
  • Hospice Support & Charities
  • Bike Parking with security
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Special Deals at Hotels, Bars & Restaurants
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Entertainment

Massage Parlour

Professional masseurs are waiting for you at the end of every day, ready to help you recover with a recuperating massage. Limited spots available, as well as specific massages, will be available to book.

Closing Ceremony

Before heading home, enjoy your last moments at the after-party with other cyclists, staff and volunteers.




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